Made with Xara COACHING THE COACH... “Part therapist, part consultant, part motivational expert, part professional organizer, part friend, part drill sergeant, part nag — a COACH fights for the hearts and souls of players to get them to believe in themselves”  As a coach, it is your responsibility to provide your athletes with the best possible chance for success.  ARCH Psychological Services can provide you with the insights and skills needed to help you make their athletic goals a reality. We can act as consultants that will individualize the goals according to YOUR needs as a coach.  Our insights as both athletes and psychologists will provide you with beneficial insights from both arenas.  We can propel you above your competition by achieving many of the following objectives  How to speak with impact (i.e. motivational speaking)  How to develop a coaching philosophy  How to minimize mental errors in performance  Learn different techniques to teach the fundamentals of your sport of choice  Help your athletes obtain peak performance under stress.  Improve your confidence as a coach and the confidence of your athletes  Mentally plan for competitions  Learn performance enhancement techniques (i.e. visualizing the win, goal-setting, develop self-esteem  Improve communication skills with players and parents  Learn how to debrief with your athletes effectively to minimize performance slumps  Get parents to work with you, and not at cross-purposes Call Amanda Baird or Erin Hawkins at ARCH Psychological Services at 780.428.9223 for a more complete picture of what we can do for you! Talk to someone who can help! Sport@ARCH   Psychological Services